Founders Bill Reed and Lindsay Youd

Allure South Sea Pearls founders William (Bill) Reed AM and Lindsay Youd have dedicated their lives in pursuit of perfect pearls.

Bill Reed has over fifty years’ experience as a marine biologist and pearl farmer. One of the most influential names in the Australian and Tahitian pearling industries, Bill is a widely published pearl farming authority and a passionate advocate of his craft. His contributions to the pearling industry have been recognised by the Australian and Tahitian governments, and Bill was awarded the Order of Australia in 2012.

Lindsay Youd is a second generation jeweller, first captivated by the romance and lustre of South Sea pearls in his father’s workshop over thirty years ago. He has devoted his career to his passion for South Sea pearls, and his deep appreciation for their natural beauty is evident in every piece of Allure jewellery.

Allure was born of Bill and Lindsay’s love of their industry. Their work takes them to some of the world’s most remote and beautiful shores, and their fascination for the process of growing a pearl, from the first seeding to the ‘birth’ two years later, has never diminished. There is no greater pleasure than seeing this same sense of wonder and discovery on the face of someone who has found their perfect piece of Allure jewellery. In Bill’s words, “a pearl is a living gem – a miracle of nature.”

The Directors

South Sea pearls are among the rarest and most exquisite of nature’s treasures, and each piece of Allure jewellery comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

We take only the finest South Sea pearls from every harvest, and each is carefully selected against the highest standards of lustre, complexion, shape, size and colour. The value of the pearl lies in its natural beauty, and we provide our guarantee that all Allure South Sea pearls are natural in colour.

We also certify that your jewellery is crafted in the finest 18ct gold, and that all diamonds are a minimum of ‘H’ quality in colour and ‘SI’ quality in clarity.

South Sea Pearl Bracelet